Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Challenge for myself

Hope everyone had a very great weekend! On Friday evening, my friend Lori and I were at a card class our friend Emily has once a month and we started discussing our addiction to eBay and buying cartridges. If we find them cheap, we buy them!! We both admitted that we have cartridges we have not used yet and over the weekend I thought a lot about that. I have some projects for other blogs I needed to work on and it seemed like I was brain dead so I decided to play bingo on the ipad instead. Well Monday after the laundry and cleaning was finished, I got busy and worked on some of those projects and decided to make something with one of those cartridges. I recently got Wildcard 2 and so today I made a card using it. I decided to make the Just a Note card on page 39. I cut the card and elements at 4.5 inches, but the saying I cut at 2.5 inches. It would have been too big to fit. The envelope cut at the same 4.5 inches. I am anxious to try some of the other cards now too! So now the challenge to myself is to try some of those other cartridges before the others come in the mail this week! Lori, I am challenging you to do it too!!!! Are you guilty of doing this too?? If so, I challenge you and send me an email with your post so I can see it.


  1. This is fantastic!! Love the shape, the design and colors. This is one of the cartridges that I really want. :)

  2. What????? You've outed me!!!! Sigh... I guess I must take this challenge as well... Will look at my gazillion carts this weekend and pick the victim! lol

  3. By the way, I LOVE what you created!


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