Saturday, May 17, 2014

Silhouette Saturday from the Silhouette Store

Welcome to my Silhouette Saturday project. Today I am sharing two quick and easy cards from the Silhouette Store.  Many years ago I had a daycare for 12 years and when I closed, my last 9 children were starting kindergarten.  I had 6 of the 9 from the time they were born.  This last group are graduating this year and all from the same school.  I have always kept in touch with all the kids over the years and some are college graduates and some are becoming parents now.  I need lots of cards this year, so they will be quick!  For the first card I used the file#59413 and the second card is file#59026.  I only used cardstock for these cards and I can make many different ones.  Not only do I have these 9 graduating, but friends and relatives kids too!  This is my costly year lol.  Thanks for stopping by and stop by the Silhouette Store and check out these and many other graduation cards.  Join me Monday for the challenge at Exploring Cricut and More.

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