Friday, February 28, 2014

Scrap Room Updated!!!!

I went to Ikea and got a new desk and some cabinets to finish organizing all my goodies so I wanted to share my room before I totally destroy it working again lol. These cabinets in front of my desk are from Ikea and match my desk and I love them.  They are big and hold lots of goodies.
This is a wall of Michaels storage units which I love for my papers and cardstock.  I found the shelf above the one cabines at a yard sale for $4 and I store my CTMH inks in them along with odds and ends.
My house is old and it had a fireplace and a small "press" as they use to call them.  I took the mantle off and build book case and trimmed out the closet to have shelves.
Love my Ikea desk.  The side putls out for my laptop and I have the top for my machines.

We went back to get another cabinet and they were out of black so I went ahead and got a white one.  We live about 75 miles from the nearest Ikea.  The shelf with ribbon roll my husband built. On the top of the white one I have my large pieces of scraps in one bin and the small in the other by colors.

My husband built these shelves for my wood stamps.
I got my cabinets and counter tops at Lowes unfinished and I had my husband cut me a hole for my scraps and we fixed the trash can to slide so I could catch them all.
More Micheals cabinets.  I love all the storage and believe me they are all full.
Old shelf holds my punches or some of them lol.

Thanks for visiting my scraproom and time to get creative!!!!


  1. Wow...fabulous space!!! Great organization too...LOVE!

  2. Love it! I need some of those larger Alex drawer I guess I'll have to make another trip once we finish building all the ones we got this time.

  3. WOW! I LOVE all of your storage and work space! I wanna come play at your house!

  4. Loved visiting your scraproom Diane. Love all of the storage and shelves. That's what I want when we redo the back bedroom into my new crafty room! :)

  5. I SOOO want your scrap room! It looks like a fantastic space to craft in with lots of fun goodies to play with….I'd probably never leave that room and they'd have to bring me food and water if I lived at your house, lol!!

  6. I am simply DROOLING at your craft room! I think it is the nicest one I have ever seen and if I had one like that, I'd never leave! I have the same paper trimmer as you do and I think it is a fabulous idea to cut the hole in the countertop for the scraps to go into the trash can. Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Beth's Beauties

  7. I love the counter by the cutter is a hole to put garbage, how clever! What size room is it?

  8. Your room is amazing! Thanks for sharing....I love seeing how everyone organizes their crafty spaces! ~Kathy

  9. Wow, you are so organized! The room looks amazing! It inspires me to get my craft room organized!


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