Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One of those days!

Have you ever been crafted out?? Well I have been doing so many projects for the last few weeks that I felt like maybe that happen to me. Monday was the last day my husband was home on vacation which was a stayvacation to do work around the house, but Monday it was just some mowing for him and laundry for me. We had that completed by noon and decided to just relax the rest of the day. I ventured to my craft room ready to get busy on something to show you today, but my mind went blank. I decided to head to the deck and chill out for a while and get myself back on the crafting track. Had some dinner and went back to craft room. Nothing, nadda, so picked up a couple cartridges looked through the books hoping to spark something even to make a card, but nothing. Looked at a few more cartridges, still brain dead. What the heck, tomorrow is another day so off to veg in front of the TV. Hopefully, today will be a crafting day!


  1. I got crafted out after making all my Christmas cards this past Christmas..I stepped away for a bit. It happens!


  2. I have days like that - how about thinking of giving yourself a challenge and come up with a series. That's what I have been doing. Or maybe enter some challenges - go surfing and that might help get your mojo back. You'll be back in gear in no time:-)


  3. I think sometimes we need to just stay out of the craft room and then we when have a day away, we can head back in and craft away!!! :)

  4. Diane, trust me when I say this - I have gone through this myself. I went through it for 3 months! Oyyy. I could have used all that time crafting and I was just exhausted looking at my Cricut. There are still days where I draw blanks. You'll get your mojo back. Looking forward to what you create next. :D


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