Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A week of cleaning....

As much as I would like to do nothing but craft, I find myself in need of redoing my craft room and reorganizing again. I keep things together, but sometimes when I am working on a lot of projects things get haywire! So when I started organizing, I decided to start purging out stuff I haven't used or not planning on using. Right now I am trying to get ready and put things on ebay. My husband saw what I was doing and has decided that maybe we can clean out some closets too that there has got to be lots of stuff in there! So now what I thought would be a small project might turn into a larger one, but my plans are to make some money and buy more scrap stuff!!!! I better get back to sorting so I can soon get back to crafting!! Hope everyone has a crafty week. Should have some things to be listed on Friday and my ebay name is dianek if you are looking for something. Got some stamps and other craft items, not sure what all I will have by that day!


  1. Trying to get motivated to cleaning my osmosis - lol - no not really, but I would like to know how to look you up on Ebay? must be a way to find you, just don't know (yet).
    Best to you

  2. I am popping over from the Circle MB and am already a follower plus I'm already a follower of your other blog too!

  3. Hope you got everything organized and cleaned! Visting from the Circle MB link!


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