Saturday, June 27, 2009

It is almost moving time!

I am so excited about moving the store and it will all be happening next week. My husband and friends put the counter in and slat wall up last night while I had a crop. I can't wait to go and look at it after I close today. I will do some cleaning tonight and next week we will be moving all the racks and other equipment.

The new baby is home and keeping Mom and Dad awake, but it is getting better for them. We know who is the boss of the house now! I went out the other morning and got some spoiling time in since I am going to be busy this week.

Be sure to check out my good friend Lori's awesome blog. She has created a couple really cute cards and you will see lots of cool stuff coming from her. Go to and watch her blogposts.

Have a super weekend and happy scrappin'.

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  1. hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend! hugs!


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