Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Down to business

We got the store moved and everything is up and running so it is time for me to get busy making some things! I think I have slacked off long enough. Some of these things I made for my July display last year and some are new.

This is a paper machie box that I painted and covered with paper. I cut different sizes of stars and use pop dots to make it dimensional.
Good old coasters from Margaritaville made a great not pad holder .

This is a plain page for summer and I stamped little stars on the blue letters with white inks.

Stickers and ribbon on the glass candle holder make a cute table decoration for your summer party.

Saw a card like this in a magazine and scraplifted.....thanks for the idea!

Another version with more stars.

This is the July calendar page for the month that is framed in the store. I should have taken it out of the frame to take the picture instead of just taking the top off.

These are the cards from our June cardmaking class. We had a good time, almost time for the July class.....I better get busy!!!


  1. love all those projects! they are fabulous!! beautiful cards too!

  2. know you are busy with the new stor and all, but just wanted to stop by and say hi! hugs!


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