Friday, June 5, 2009

My room is finally ready...well almost!

My room has been completely remodeled and it is almost finished. We have a few more finishing touches to complete. My husband and I have torn out a fireplace and mantle, put all new drywall, crown molding, painting and a new floor. It took two weeks working in the evenings, but we are pleased how it turned out.
We took out a mantle and fireplace here. I am going to put a quote above this wall. I have my cricut and cuttlebug here and those drawers are full of stuff!
Here is a 8 ft counter and I love having all the work space. I am adding another Making Memories wall cabinet which will get the rest of the jars off the counter.

Here are some of the jet max cubes and I got a board at Lowe's so my tv and dvr can set on it.

My husband made these shelves for my stamps. I had a few more wood stamps than space so he made the second one! All the clear stamps are in boxes below the counter.

This is a 4 ft counter space to do my stamping on. I like having a place to make cards.

Paper rack in front of the bay window. I have enough paper to fill a second one too!

There was a old press here and we took off the door and made it into a wall unit for my albums. It look like it was just built into the wall.

More cubes and my collection of cricut cartridges. My husband build the shelf too.


  1. Love your awesome room! I'm putting you up on my blog for a blog award. Come and get it!

  2. Love the room Diane. I am extremely jealous!!!

  3. Diane, your room looks amazing. Have fun playing in there. I know I would. :)

  4. OMG Diane!!! I knew the room would be amazing, but this is spectacular!!! You & Joe did a fantastic job!!!! I could just lock myself away in there for weeks!!! I know you'll have awesome things transpire in there!!!!

  5. wow, your room is beautiful! you will spend hours in there I'm sure :)

  6. Love your stamp shelves. Where did you find them?


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