Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Artiste Cartridge

I received the new Close to my Heart Artiste cartridge in the mail on Friday and couldn't wait to try it out. I had company over the weekend so I finally got to try it yesterday. I created a purse and 4 3 x 3 note cards and envelopes to go in it. I still want to add a flower, but decided to go ahead and get it posted. Below is how I created this.
The cards were created by using the card feature on page 31 and I customed in the Gypsy the size 3 x 6 and folded in half. The envelopes were the same button only on the shift. I customed them 7 x 3 to fit the card. To embellish the cards , card 1 on page 35 I cut accent 4 shift button (4) at .75 inches. I then trimmed them to fit in a smaller size as they went on the page. I added a ribbon, flowers, sparkle gems, and stamped Thinking of you from the Fringed Phrase stamps.
Card 2 I cut the accent 4 on page 56 at 2.5 inches and cut a 1.5 inch circle with a punch. I also cut a accent 4 shift on page 32 corners at 1 inch .I also stamped it with the Fringed Phrase stamps. Card 3 I cut the accent1 button on page 31 cut at 2.25 inches and 1.5 circle inside cut with punch. I added ribbon and stamped it Congrats from one of the sets of stamps that came with the cartridge. Card 4 page 33 accent 1 shift button cut at 1 inch and the border on page 31 accent 1 shift button cut at 1 inch and trimmed to fit card. I also stamped it with a thank you stamp in my stash.

The holder for these cards was on page 31 3 d object button cut in gypsy at 7.89 x 3.35 inches. I just cut some of the pattern paper to decorate the front and back and cut another border from page 31 accent 1 shift button at 1 inch. I punched holes in the top and added a ribbon to complete the look. I want to add a flower from the cartridge to finish off the look and the cards and envelopes fit nicely inside for a beautiful gift.


  1. This is so pretty. Thanks for all the detailed instructions. I haven't had time to use mine yet and it's a little intimidating to a newbie, but I think your instructions will give me the courage to try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So cute...just got this cart! Lee-Ann :)

  3. These are fantastic!!! Love the purse and note cards!!! :)


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