Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Scrap Space

I have had a few people ask me about my scraproom so I thought I would make it at least presentable and take a few pictures of where I do my thing! I live in a old house so not many electrical outlets but lots of power strips going on in here. My husband says he is worried everyday he comes home that one of the walls have caved in. There is no free space in this room and it is not small, it is a 13 x 19 room, but full. One of these days we will finally sell and I am getting a house where my dream room will be or we will build it ourselves! Here is a little tour of where I work!
This is a 8 foot counter and cabinets I got at Lowes. As you see there is no space not used. I have two cabinets on the wall for stamp pads, flowers etc. and a small one for embossing and glitter powders along with a stickles rack. I had that in my store I closed.

Another look at that space. I also do my major cutting there too.

Since I do not waste space, I had my husband fix the space between the cabinets for storage of my clear stamps and a few accessories. We still have to buy the roller bars so it will pull out and I need to paint them, but I already have it stuffed!

This is a 6 foot counter area where I have my cuttlebug and spellbinder dies along with my laptop and picture boxes I am currently working on. You can see my wood stamps in the background.

This is my wood stamps that are not sets. My husband built these for me and I have several hundred wood stamps and the shelves are full!
Being an old house, this was a door that went between bedrooms. When we remodeled the main bedroom, we build a wall where the door was and on this side we built shelves that house my cricut cartridges. Not sure what I am going to do when this is full, not much room left!

Another view and the door you enter where I store my punches. I am cheap so I bought curtain rods to hold them and I also have a basket of ones that will not fit. Beside the cricut cartridges is a small shelf that holds my cartridges like seasonals and solutions that I have in boxes from scraponizer, but need to paint shelf.

Another look at my punch storage. I tried shoe bag, but was not enough space.
My cardstock rack. It came from Bazzill and I had it in my store. It was a job getting my husband to agree to move it, but he quickly gave in! I do have my ways to do that lol. I also have several of the cubes from Michaels on the side of it too.
Another thing in an old house, no closets. This room had a press. They were not very deep and you had to push stuff in and press the door shut! We took the door off, and put a book case in it and secured it to the back wall. Then we added moulding around and looks like a built in which I have completely full!
Another view of the paper storage.
This is where I work. I made a desk from 8 cubes from Michaels and we went to lowes and found two tops and put them together. I also made another small desk from 4 cubes and another top to put my cricut on.
Another view of the desk area and cricut station.
My decorated Cricut. I did not want to do anything over the top, but wanted to personalize it a little bit! Now you have seen where I work. I need more space!!!!!


  1. Love your have so many goodies.Well use of space.i too live in a old house and have the outlet wish to have a room too and have my goodies.

  2. Love your room. I was thinking of cabinets from Lowes or Home Depot too. Looks like it worked out really well!

  3. Where did you get your wall lighting ?

  4. To K. McIntyre
    I got my lights at Home Depot. These are the kind you can plug in. Thanks for asking.

  5. Wow! Absolutely LOVE Your room!!! Love how you have your cricut cartridges stores, so pretty and your countertops are beautiful! Tfs :-)

  6. WOW. That is a lot of crafty stuff.

  7. Diane, what an adorable blog you have. I am your latest follower! Would love for you to stop on over at my blog, too!! :-)

    I absolutely LOVE your craft space. What a great place to create! Your Cricut cartridge spot is tooooo cute!!! TFS! :-)


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