Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's called the "funk"

Yep, I have it! Can't seem to create anything this week at all that looks halfway decent. Not sure what is going on with my mojo, but for sure it has gotten up and gone! I guess the crafters "funk" has bitten me. I have soooo much to do and the time to do it, but no desire at all. I guess this recovery period after the surgery is about to get on my last nerve and I still have 3 more weeks to go. They say you can't do this or that and wearing this heavy back brace in the heat is for the birds! I keep looking at the swimming pool calling my name and glad it has been raining for a few days because I would be paying it a visit. I have got all the shows I have DVR'd watched, watching a lot of "In Session", HLN, and The Talk. I have even been watching the many reruns of Law and Order. I have been sorting through my craft stuff trying to clean out what will never get used and working on stuff for a yard sale, but not interested in that either. I hope the "funk" will end soon, but till then, back to

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