Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some new cards!

I haven't practiced my Copic marker technique that we learned at our first class for a few days so I thought I better get to it since my teacher (Hi Lori) will be checking to see if I am doing anything before our next class. She gave us our colors for the next class so I thought I would try them out and I had a couple other purples and forgot to write down which ones I used. I will do better next time. I know these star lilies are not this color, but it is my card so I can do what I want!!! I have two cards done and have been working on my granddaughters first birthday pages this week and need to get my room back in order. Hope you enjoy this cards and I am a work in progress with these Copics!!!


  1. Loving to see your work- Got your letter- you even colored my envelope!

  2. Love your coloring! You can have purple lilies if you want! Creative license...

  3. Wow! What adorable cards! Your coloring is amazing!


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