Thursday, July 22, 2010

Still going through stuff!

So far I have been closed a week, but have not been able to craft anything yet. I did manage to go and spend the night with my granddaughter in Lexington, grandson went to friends, so it was a great time. Kate and I had some girl time with lunch and a little shopping. She is not the shopper at all, but she managed to get a few things. I am still going through boxes of stuff I need to sort through to keep or get rid of. It seems like everything is getting stuck in my scrap room for now, but that will get cleaned soon and then maybe I can get back to business. I think I am really going to like retirement when I get all these projects finished!!!


  1. Thats funny I have been moving everything around all week- what a mess I've made!
    Glad to hear your enjoying your time off, I was up your way agian last Saturday to take my girls home, funny thing I saw your store , our friend lives in West Union, I sure wished I had know that earlier!
    Enjoy your days!

  2. sounds like you had a lovly time

  3. Glad things are settling down! Have fun!


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