Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scrapbook Room with Updates

Welcome to my scraproom. I have posted pictures of it in the past, but after getting tons more stuff, I needed more storage. Actually I need a larger room but since that is not happening anytime soon, I have changed some things to make it work.  I have no space on walls left or any floor space, but it is all mine.  I would like to share my room with you.  My husband and I made severals things in the room ourselves.
These are some shelves Joe made for my wood stamps.  They were full of all wood stamps, but I cleaned out some I did not use and are now using some space for glitters and embossing powders.  I have a 8 ft wood space counter there and some cabinets we bought and painted from Lowe's. 
This is the new storage we got.  10 new cubes from Michaels and a new workstation we made which I will show in other pictures
Where you see my cartridges stored was a old "press".  We live in an older home and they had these little closets that were so small you just press stuff in them and shut the door.  We removed the door added an old bookcase and framed around it with crown moulding.  The cartridges are two rows deep except for the top shelf.  The black rack with ribbon was the first storage we built for my cartridges which I quickly outgrew and you can see they are starting on a small bookcase now where I keep my laptop.
This is the other side of the room where I have 29 more storage units and a shelf on the wall.  The door has a rack for punches.  The top of the units have stuff stored there too.  Everything is full too!
Another look at those cabinets.  Carstock is stored by color and pattern paper too.
I have two of these rolled carts with stuff and the white cabinet is a delux unit I got at Michaels and the sides will come up for more work area, but no room to do that lol.  I have a file unit on the top where I store my larger cardstock pieces.  I had my husband put rollers on it so I can move it.
This is the new work area we made.  It was a 4 ft piece of counter I had and we made this shelf unit and on the other end is a 12 inch cabinet.  We just made this so it is not filled up yet lol.
Another look at the work area and I keep my Cricut and Gypsy there and my Ott light I got for $5 new in box!
We put some board on the sides and from and then I papered it with bead board wall paper I had left over from my dining room, looks like real beadboard too!
This is the 8 ft counter where I keep my cutter and work on stuff.  In the background you can see punches.  That was another door that was not being used and we made shelves in it for storing.
Wall with stamps and stuff grandchildren gave me and things I have made to keep.
This is where I have my ipod in the speaker docker and listen to music while I work. I made the Create sign and had that in my store.  The wall shelf is somethig we found at a garage sale and painted.  I have my CTMH ink pads stored there.  Hope you enjoyed my little tour of my scraproom .


  1. WOW!!! I am amazed at how much you have fitted into your crafty room!! Everything looks awesome!!! :)

  2. Can I move in with you??? ;)... I love the way you found the little nook for your cartridges and all the beautiful natural light!!! It looks like a place would get lost for days!!!!... I craft on the basement and have no natural light :( but still I am trying to prettify my space as much as possible :)....I finally convinced my hubby to start working on my sewing "closet" today, but what he does not know is that we are not even close to the end of my honey do list LOL!
    Thanks for sharing Diane!
    have a wonderful wknd

  3. Wow this is amazing!!!!! My craft area is a really uncool area in the basement. With no natural light or storage options. The only upside is that I can leave everything out and messy in mid-project. I'm very envious and want to move in with you immediately, lol!

  4. I just love your crafty space! No wonder your projects are so amazing... You have done a fabulous job of organizing.


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