Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My newest toy!!!!

My newest little toy has arrived and I have played a little bit with it. It has so many features and with what little I have played, I am loving the paper guides and the light on the blade. I really like the 4 cartridges that are included with it. They have some really cute images. One thing I like is that I can use Imagine cartridges too. I would have never bought one because the ink would run into my cartridge buying money and I like cutting, so this will give me the best of both worlds. Now I have to purchase some Imagine cartridges that I have been eyeing. I can't wait till I can play more, but when I was registering it this morning, I found that I am soooo behind in registering my cartridges. I think I have 66 that need registering since the first of the year. I will start doing that tomorrow. I am watching videos and reading the instructions to see all the great things this machine does. Love watching the videos because I am one that has to see it first hand. I did try a cut with the Gypsy hooked up and the light did not come on then so I am sure they have more updates to make which makes it all the more appealing. Still not sure whether I am selling my old Expressions or not. I have kept my baby bug for when my granddaughter comes so she can make her own cuts.


  1. Oh... so jealous... mine is on a slow boat from China... :-P

  2. Hopefully, soon I will get to play more. Hard to sit for long, but maybe after tomorrow it will be better!!


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