Monday, September 7, 2009

My Scrappin Space at Home!

We have been working on my scrap space at home and it is coming together pretty good. We need to do a few more things and I need another cabinet for the wall above my cricut counter. I am still collecting jet max cubes and will replace a metal cabinet I have in the room. This is my 8 ft counter where I can work. I keep my cutter at the end and a large trash basket to catch all the pieces. The shelves hold my ribbon, brads, flowers and other misc items.

This is the end of that same counter with my punches stored in shoe bag hanging on the door.

Another look at that 8 foot counter space. I bought unfinished cabinets and counter tops at Lowes.

I have a bay window in the front of this room so I put some good blinds so the sun would not shine in and fade anything. I have a few jet max cubes here and a cabinet I got at a yard sale for $5.00 and my husband painted it. Here is where my cartridges are stored in a cabinet that my husband built which is full and I had to put one of the solution storage on the top. Time for a bigger cabinet because I am not going to stop getting cartridges!!!

I live in a old house and this use to be a "press". We took a old book case and built it into that space and trimmed it out so it looks like it was a part of the wall. I store my BIA and Cuttlebug, trimmers and other misc in this space. I use to store albums here, but I have way too many. Right now, they are in the hall waiting on Joe to build me a large bookcase for them.

This is my 6 ft Cricut counter. I have lots of space to spread out and work. I have two cabinets under the counter that have drawers that are completely full of stuff!

This is the cricut space showing the stickle, embossing powder, glitter shelf Joe built me. It started out for stamps, but I had way too many so he built me another large one. He is going to make another one of these to put on the other side of this wall.

This is my stamping area. I have a 4ft counter there and two 4 ft shelf units for my stamps. I have all my clear stamps in drawers under the counter. I love this so I can just work on cards here.

Another shot of my stamp space. I have it all filled up so not sure where more stamps will go!

This is my jet max cubes. I have 9 of them here for papers, stamps, embellishment etc. Beside the cubes are 12 x 12 storage boxes that have all my cardstock scraps stored by color. My pattern paper scraps are stored in boxes under the 6ft counter area. I also have my tv and dvr player on top. I bought a shelf at Lowes to fit on top. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my scrappin space. It is still a work in progress, but getting closer to what I need.


  1. OH, may I come move in pleeeeeze!!
    Love your space!! Mine is on a little video on the side bar of my blog at
    I LOVE yours!!

  2. Wow! Looks awesome! Wish I had that many cartridges!

  3. Oh I love it -I am movitated to get off the couch! No wonder your cards are so good! I will post mine in the near future! My blog is, I have loved our emails it is so nice to have someone to share business with! Someday I will walk in and visit you!
    Happy Scrapin

  4. I love your space and your husband is so handy. My space is half a closet and a desk that is always messy since I don't have enough space. Again I love your space!

  5. Diane,
    I love your space, it's so nice and organized.

  6. Diane ~ I've got one word for ya...... JEALOUS!!!!!!! LOL I love your scraproom!

  7. Amazing!!! and soooooo organized!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. WOWZA!! Nice craft room! Your creativity is Nice too.... I'll follow your creativity...I'm cricaholic from the MB......Thanks for letting me "Hop In".......


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